Our Story

The India Story was launched in 2015 as a creative arts and design exposition.The last four years have been immensely successful with an amalgam of design minds from across the country, supported by an extensive media coverage and a wide audience.

The India Story has evolved as an intrinsically space - driven project from the time of its inception.It has been nurtured to growth alongside the venue, Swabhumi.The organic nature of this space has enabled TIS to emerge into a platform that has encouraged distinct verticals like fashion, lifestyle, music, performances, food and arts to flourish spatially.

In its fourth edition this year, The India Story weaves magic with Above & Beyond.It rekindles the quest to redefine frontiers of vision, to present elements of design and creativity that seek to celebrate the finest design minds from the country.

Neotia Arts Trust

Neotia Arts Trust was founded by The Neotia Arts Trust Group in March 2016 with the aim to generate a space for Indian design aesthetics.

In its fourth edition, this year The India Story weaves magic with Above & Beyond. The inspired heritage in the refurbished architecture at Swabhumi galvanises the theme for this edition. As a theme, Above & Beyond inspires The India Story to push the boundaries of creativity to usher in a realm of creative talent into the city.The primary goal of the Trust is to bring art out of the obfuscated elite parlours of the connoisseurs and make it accessible to the laymen. The idea is not simply to democratize art, but to fuel and nurture an aesthetic consciousness. The Trust also wishes to establish Kolkata as a host for world-class design forums, display and events.

The Neotia Arts Trust aims to reach a broad spectrum of people in India and outside, through an array of exhibits, educational initiatives, workshops, concerts, The India Story, et cetera to foster new talent and to contextualize the Indian art scene.

Madhu Neotia

Initiator & Managing Trustee, Neotia Arts Trust

I have often wondered about the legacy of Indian design traditions that we have inherited. Design that touches our lives intrinsically – whether those of the traditional master craftsmen or contemporary interpretations by the newer generations of artists, designers and architects. That was my inspiration behind the making of The India Story which is a uniquely curated showcase bringing together the very best of what contemporary Indian design and arts retail has to offer.

Abhilasha Sethia

Co-Initiator & Trustee, Neotia Arts Trust

The India Story for me is like the coming together of five senses - the layering of touch, taste, sight, sound and smell. Almost like reviving lost recipes of some cultures of the world. An exploration of the diversity of dimensions that make up contemporary India.