Wedding Diaries

14th - 16th September '18

In the many stories that The India Story has shared in the last few wonderful years, there has always been a desire to add a wedding narrative.

The first edition of Wedding Diaries was hosted at Raasmanch, Swabhumi from 14 - 16 September.The venue offered a natural setting to the event.The regal Edwardian architecture lend itself beautifully to the display of vintage cars in the main hall against the sun - washed daylight through the glass - top atrium.Wedding Diaries recreated the spell of vintage royal with the splendor of its decor.

The inimitable line up of designers and events during the course of Wedding Diaries made it a striking affair in the city’ s September calendar with the finest of India’ s design stars descending to celebrate the best of weddings in Kolkata!