It's the India story.

Above &Beyond

Above &Beyond

if you are waiting for design, this is it.

Above & Beyond conveys a sense of transcendentalism. This transcendentalism permeates the perception of space, design and conceptualisation of this edition of The India Story.

Our theme celebrates a refurbished neo-colonial space at Swabhumi. The new space rekindles the imagination of Gothic churches of medieval Europe seen in the cavernous spaces, overlain tracery and pointed arches reminiscing the flamboyance in this architectural curation. This recreated space has inspired us to push the boundaries of creativity in a way that is both timeless and enduring.

TIS 4.0 grows out of this space through a visual transparency that can transport the viewer to an inspired heritage of antiquity. Above & Beyond rekindles the quest to redefine frontiers of vision, presenting elements of design and creativity that can usher in a realm of talent into the city, which will celebrate and honour the union of finest design minds from across the country.

Wedding Diaries '18

Several special moments woven together to make lasting, precious memories

Acknowledging the grandeur of Indian weddings, we realised weddings deserve our exclusive attention.It is with this inspiration that TIS introduced Wedding Diaries in September, 2018. Wedding Diaries was conceived as an event that can instill memories among participants and visitors, memories of new beginnings that rest in the beautiful pages of life.

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